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Rotax Aircraft Engines in the Air 046 2019


Grateful and mindful of the experience and values of those who went before us, we take pride in a unique heritage of ingenuity and excellence as we embark on new adventures.

1920 Founding of Rotax Werk AG in Dresden, Germany

1947 Relocation to Gunskirchen, Austria

1970 Bombardier aquires Rotax-Werk AG, becoming Bombardier-Rotax GmbH

1975 Certification of the first Rotax aircraft engine (Rotax 642)

1978 Rotax 502 and 505 ultralight engines produced

1984 Start of development of Rotax 912 engine

1989 Type Certificate for Rotax 912 A

1990 Development of the more powerful turbocharged Rotax 914 based on the Rotax 912

1994 Type Certificate for Rotax 912 F

1996 Type Certificate for Rotax 914 F

1998 Type Certificate for Rotax 912 S

2003 Bombardier Inc. sells its recreational division. A new company is born under the name BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products Inc)

2003 Design Organisation Approval by EASA

2005 Production Organisation Approval by EASA

2005 Rotax 912/914 engine complies with ASTM standard

2006 Rotax 582 engine complies with ASTM standard

2010 912/914 engine series achieves Time between overhauls (TBO) of 2,000 hrs

2012 Introduction of the Rotax 912 iS aircraft engine

2013 BRP Inc. is a public company

2014 Launch of Rotax 912 iS Sport aircraft engine

2014 Rotax produces the 50,000th unit in the Rotax 912/914 aircraft engine series

2015 Introduction of the Rotax 915 iS aircraft engine

2018 BRP listed at NYSE

2020 100th anniversary of Rotax

2020 Launch of the 100th-anniversary limited edition of 912/915 engines