XPS Aviation Engine Oil

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XPS 5W-50 Full Synthetic Aviation Engine oil is a unique custom engine oil designed specifically for Rotax aircraft engines using MOGAS or with leaded and unleaded AVGAS.

the best just got better

When you start your Rotax Aircraft engine, you need to know your equipment has the best fluid available running in its veins. Each spin of the prop is too important to trust it to sub-par fluids. XPS Full Synthetic 5W-50 Aviation Engine Oil was designed specifically for Rotax Aircraft engines for the best performance, reliability and safety. Over two-years’ worth of development, forty tested variations of fluids, 20,000+ gallons of aviation fuel and 12+ fired engine tests led to the final formulation. We spent that time and effort to ensure you don’t have to worry about the durability and reliability needed from the correct engine oil.

NOTE: This oil is only tested and released for use with a specified range of ROTAX® aircraft engine types. For further information which type of oil to be used for your engine type see our current relevant Service Instruction SI-915 i-001,SI-916 i-001,SI-914-019,SI-912-016,SI-912 i-001 Selection of suitable operating fluids for Rotax Engine Type 916 i (Series), 915 i (Series), 912 i (Series), 912 and 914 (Series).


Formulated for Rotax powered aircraft using leaded or unleaded fuel. Not recommended in automotive applications with catalytic aftertreatment systems.

Feature Benefit
Detergency Improved ring pack detergency in leaded and unleaded applications for longer service life
Wear Protection Protection of internal components
Clutch Performance Protects against excessive slipping of clutch
Volatility Low evaporation for less consumption and low atmosphere volatiliy
Full Synthetic Long oxidative life, improved volatility, and low temperature properties
SAE 5W-50 Wide viscosity range for operation in low and high temperatures
Color Indicator dye for easier top ups flight