Rotax XPS Aircraft Engine Oil

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Rotax is now also providing the best engine oil for its engines.

  • A full synthetic aviation engine oil that contains detergents that help to keep critical areas, such as pistons and cylinders, clean.
  • Partnering with XPS to ensure the know-how and experience necessary.
  • Launching our own engine oil is the next step to the holistic service package: Genuine Parts - Service Centers - Rotax Care & XPS Engine Oil.
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All-year, all-climate protection for your Rotax Aircraft engine.

  • Made for pilots all over the world.
  • It is the best possible engine oil carefully manufactured for the 916 iS.
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Rotax is stepping up the game and providing the necessary lubricant to protect its engines.

  • Specifically formulated for Rotax Aircraft Engines (RON451).
  • Elevated level of anti-wear for component protection. XPS Aviation Engine Oil is designed to cope with the high shear stress associated with integrated gearboxes and overload clutches.
  • For leaded and unleaded AVGAS as well as MOGAS. One high quality – worldwide guaranteed.

Datasheet XPS Oil

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