Rotax flyin 2021 3013
BRP-Rotax established in 2007 a globally standardized training guideline covering the different scope of work, target audiences and educational levels which ranges from familiarization to overhauling the Rotax aircraft engines. All technical training courses are authorized by Rotax, offered by PEIPORT training organizations.

The iRMT Training Pyramid is built on 5 main levels:

Course Target Audience Content
Familiarization course Pilots, homebuilders, managers, and owners Basic knowledge of Rotax Aircraft engines and information on the different systems, engine operation and maintenance requirements.
Service course Owners and technicians Most popular for most technicians needs, covering serivce and inspection to the 100 hour or annual level.
Maintenance course Flying schools, OEMs, and FBOs should have technicians at this level. Technicians learn to handle maintenance-level issues and replace components.
Heavy maintenance course Maintenance personnel A deep dive for experienced maintenance staff, covering topics, from hands-on tear down to inspection to re-assembly of components.
Overhaul course This course with facility and training-level requirements is invite-only The experts course for deepen the knowledge required to overhaul Rotax engines and its components.

Please contact PEIPORT Zhuhai Service Centre for the upcoming courses information.