Stop of production of 2-stroke ROTAX 582 UL Aircraft Engine by the end of 2021

News 2108 582 UL
July 22, 2021

BRP-Rotax announced that it will stop the production of the legendary 2-stroke Rotax 582 UL aircraft engine by end of 2021. This decision has been taken considering the nearly full transition of the light and ultralight aircraft market towards 4-stroke aircraft engines.

“The Rotax 582 UL engine is the last 2-stoke aircraft engine in series production and was definitely part of our company success in the past,” said Peter Oelsinger, General Manager BRP-Rotax / Member of the Management Board, Vice President Sales, Marketing RPS-Business & Communications. “The decision however reflects the market reality. Almost 100% of the customers demand 4-stroke aircraft engines; a demand that we can definitely fulfill with our range of innovative and high-quality 4-stroke aircraft engines,” he added.

The Rotax 582 UL will still be available via the Rotax authorized distribution network worldwide as long as the existing stock at the distributors lasts. Following its excellent service standards, the company and its network will continue to provide technical service for all existing Rotax 582 UL customers and aims to provide Rotax genuine spare parts availability up to 10 years after stop of production.

With more than 190.000 aircraft engines sold and a global operating 4-stroke-fleet of more than 50.000 aircraft engines, Rotax aircraft engines lead the light sport and ultralight aircraft market. Rotax offers a worldwide network consisting of 16 Rotax authorized aircraft engine distributors and more than 220 points of sales and service supporting 270 OEMs with more than 400 Rotax powered models and customers worldwide. Therefore Rotax aircraft engines are supplied to more than 80% of all aircraft manufacturer in its segment.