Customer Service Information Report

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The objective of the Customer Service Information Report (CSIR) is to give an efficient way for Rotax Aircraft Engine Operators, Maintenance Technicians and Governmental Authorities a method to report any condition which may adversely affect safe operation of the engine.

What is it for?

The objective of the CSIR program is to report any condition that you believe might adversely affect the safe operation of your ROTAX Aircraft Engine.

Where/how do I send it?

Option A: Follow the link above, fill in the required information on each page, and click submit. A Rotech Motor representative will contact you with feedback if required.

Option B: Download the PDF version below, fill in the CSIR completely and email a scan or PDF file to

Does a CSIR report substitute for a warranty claim?

The CSIR form does not serve as a substitute for a warranty claim. Although some of the information you submit on your completed CSIR form would also be required for a warranty claim, any such claim must be submitted directly to Rotech Motor Ltd.