About Pipistrel

Pipistrel Virus 121 on tarmac

Pipistrel Aircraft is an aviation & aerospace company based in Slovenia. It has more than 30 years of tradition in ultralight and general aviation industry. Starting from a small business it has become the leading producer of efficient aircraft with electric and hybrid propulsion. Nowadays there are more than 2200 of our aircraft flying on all continents. Our distribution network is present in 100 countries. The company won several global awards, including NASA awards for innovative solutions in aviation.

Pipistrel offers different products and services related to innovative aviation:

  • 13 aircraft models manufactured in own facilities
  • providing tailor-made solutions based on customers’ specific requirements
  • designing new aircraft models and solutions (within sister company Pipistrel Vertical Solutions)
  • prototyping & customizing (within sister company Pipistrel Vertical Solutions)
  • certification (within sister company Pipistrel Vertical Solutions)

Pipistrel and its sister companies have a future focus on:

  • full package for flight schools to train future pilots
  • professional platforms for aerial special missions (photography, 3D and flat mapping of terrain, surveillance and border patrol, support at emergencies)
  • development of sustainable energy propulsion systems
  • e-VTOL for cargo and urban transport
  • new specific solutions

For more info visit the Pipistrel Website