We Are Balancing Your Propellers Dynamically

Rotax aircraft engine detail 4

What on regional and business aircrafts has already been well established for many years, we can now also offer for propeller aircrafts (ultralight and sport aircrafts). Similar to the dynamic balancing of the wheels on car, the vibration caused by propeller can also be measured. By extensive balance-weights (on the propeller hub or on the spinner) is the vibration with two or three measuring ranges brought on an acceptable Level.

Why dynamic balancing?

Aircraft propellers are producing, despite precise manufacturing respectively overhaul and common static balancing, often still substantial vibrations, caused by static unbalance. This dynamic balancing of propeller is partly generated by mass imbalance (unbalance of propeller and attachments like spinner), but above all by aerodynamic effects like different blade strokes.

This effect occurs frequently at adjustable propellers. The resulting imbalance generates partly substantial vibrations which on the one hand leads to premature wear of engine and avionics, and on the other hand unpleasantly influences the flight comfort. By dynamic balancing of propeller these usually expensive effects can be rectified.

Their benefit is considerably less vibration and thus ....

  • Optimal run quietness and higher flight comfort
  • Less wear, therefore lower Maintenance costs

To perform this service precise and with low costs we are using the propeller balancer VIBREX 2000 from Chadwick-Helmuth Inno Balancer from IDS Innomic. The machine has been specially developed for this task. For unbalance measurement are generally used vibration transducer and photo sensor installed on the engine, as shown in the example of one Katana DA-20 below. In this case are vibration transducer and photo sensor both installed on the motor. The phase reflector and already added balance-weights can be seen on the spinner plate. In this or similar way is the measuring system applied on any piston motor or engine.

Take advantage of this new Technology!

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