200218 rotax aircraft servicenetzwerk 018


Comprehensive technical service

  • Repair
  • Heavy maintenance
  • Overhaul
  • Supplying original certificated (EASA FORM 1) or non-certificated ROTAX® spare parts.

When ordering, you should always specify catalog number of chosen part from Illustrated Parts Catalogue. It will help us to provide the best matching of parts to your engine. On all enquiries or spare part order, please always indicate engine serial number, as the manufacturer makes modifications to engine for further development.

The engine serial number is located on the top of the ignition housing on 912/914 engines and on the top of the crankcase, behind the propeller gearbox for 912iS/915iS engines. See picture below.

Engine serial numbrer

Ask for availability or place an order.

Ongoing heavy maintenance is provided also by our service partners.