22 marzo 2022

Gunskirchen, March 21st, 2022 – After two years of waiting, the Aero in Friedrichshafen will open the doors again from April 27th to 30th, 2022. Visit our booth 205 in Hall A3 and get information about our latest developments and news around the state-of-the-art Rotax aircraft engines.

We are excited to be able to meet you in person at the Aero in Friedrichshafen to chat about our latest product innovations, developments, and services. Our passion for innovation and technology inspires us to create solutions that push your pilot experience to the next level. Take the opportunity to talk to our engine experts and our European distribution partners and visit our booth 205 in Hall A3.

For the first time we will present our brand-new exhibition area, where we will showcase our complete product range of our 4-stroke aircraft engines. Don’t miss to visit our new booth - we have the following additional highlights for all our visitors:

The new 915 iS/c C24 – Join the ReVOLTution

One of the highlights at our booth will be the proven Rotax 915 iS/c engine with the new optional 24 Volt power supply that delivers up to 800 W. This opens up a wide range of opportunities to upgrade your cockpit and provides you with a new flying experience. It is available for new Rotax 915 iS/c engines (certified and ASTM-compliant) and powers up your aircraft to implement 24V aircraft board systems, supports digital displays and glass cockpits and adds reserves for auxiliary instruments, tablets, and gadgets.

With no weight added, the Rotax 915 iS/c C24 delivers up to 800 W for your equipment and just like the rest of the Rotax aircraft engine range it provides the ultimate flight experience with the best power-to-weight ratio and reliability.

VR Technology Presentation

Don’t miss the latest updates on our VR-Technology for maintenance, training and sales activities for our worldwide network which was developed in cooperation with LLS Ltd. This software tool opens a completely new world of possibilities to share product details of our aircraft engines in real time across the globe as well as training guides and service procedures. Join the product presentation at our booth and experience the future for the global workforce and distribution network.

New Warranty program

We fully support our worldwide customers and have developed a complete new extended warranty program with several packages for you and your needs. The new program will be presented at the Aero 2022 for the first time and includes also a R.E.S.T. extended warranty up to 5 years for all engine components. In cooperation with BOSE Aviation we have furthermore arranged an attractive offer for our customers. For more information about the new extended warranty packages and what the BOSE offer is all about, please visit our booth for an informative chat with our dedicated Rotax aircraft team.

Step ahead to a greener future

We are excited to be part of the collaboration for the Tecnam P2010 H3PS, the first general aviation aircraft with a parallel hybrid configuration. The maiden flight took place on December 21st, 2021. This first flight of the H3PS marks a major milestone for a greener and cleaner future. The whole story is available in our News-Section on the Website:

Looking forward to seeing you at the Rotax exhibition area, located at booth 205 in Hall A3!