23. August 2022

Gunskirchen, Austria, August 23, 2022 – Although the weather was not on our side during the last weekend, BRP-Rotax was pleased to welcome more than 100 guests at the Airfield in Wels, Austria for the Rotax Fly-In 2022.

The Saturday morning started with dark rain clouds all around the area at the Airfield in Wels but this did not disturb the good atmosphere and mood of the participants and the Rotax Team. The Fly-In 2022 opened its doors and started as announced with the company tours to the production facilities of BRP-Rotax in Gunskirchen.

More than 100 guests ignored the bad weather conditions and took the opportunity to meet and chat with other pilots and flight enthusiasts in our new event location at the hangar directly at the airfield. The well prepared area offered several information points where the Rotax specialists were available to talk in detail about the Rotax aircraft engines and the injection technology of the 912 iS and 915 iS and gave an insight into the future with our VR/AR-technologies and enjoyed to follow the competition on the flight simulator.

A big thank you goes to our longterm partners who were available on site for presenting their products and services with a sales area of Rogers Data who have an incredible wide range of pilot maps for your next journey and Bose Aviation who joined the Fly-In the first time with a test stand where the guests were able to test the various aviation headsets under real conditions. Moreover, Aeroshell, our oil supplier over decades, informed in public talks about the role of modern lubricants are playing for the engines and how the lubricant interacts with the different aviation fuels.

All in all it was a very successful event and the guest enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere, the chats and network with other like-minded and of course the special catering from our food-truck

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