Bristell B23 certified with the Rotax 915 iS

4 février 2022

Bristell, the Czech light aircraft manufacturer has produced more than 670 LSA aircraft worldwide and now received the certification for the Bristell B23 Turbo with the powerful Rotax 915 iS engine including the towing device for gliders up to 800 kg.

The Bristell B23 Turbo is the first certified aircraft with the Rotax 915 iSc engine, which is produced referring to the EASA CS-23 regulations and for sale on the market.

Bristell CEO, Milan Bristela, explained: "For the development of the aircraft we have very well listened to the feedback of the worldwide customers. Thanks to the powerful Rotax 915 iS, the Bristell B23 Turbo is certified now up to FL180 with a higher speed. It is a very good cruiser which is designed for long life and has a robust structure. A towing machine of new generation."

Find more information about the B23 Turbo on the Bristell Website.

Check out the photo gallery and the introduction video of the Bristell B23 Turbo.